Friday, December 5, 2008

I still haven't figured out exactly where the text is going to end up each time I post, so I hope this is in the right place! The twinzos, mom and I all love to go for walks. Where we live is beautiful and we get a lot of good excerise. On the last walk, I brought my camera along. Well as you can see us girls where feeling goofy. What you are about to see is not just pics of three sisters, but also three BIG HAMS! We had a blast going down the slide, running and jumping. One of our neighbors saw us while we were doing this. I'm sure he thought we were nuts....and we are. It took several tries, and after much coaching from Candace (Thing 1) I finally got a pic of them in the air. We were really cracking up in the one of all three of us because we kept cutting off eachother's heads or only getting 2 of us. It was easy to smile that day too, because it was soooo cold - chattering teeth....brrrr! And believe it or not, we really do act grown up most of the time.

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Tori Bulman said...

You guys are so crazy!!!! But thats what I love about you!