Saturday, November 29, 2008

Never Was There Such a Pair of Sisters...

I am thankful for my best friends ~ Thing 1 and Thing 2 ~ my identical twin sisters Candace and Caitlyn. They are so cheerful and always inspiring me and challenging me in so many ways. Whether it's sharing their favorite new movie clip on Youtube or telling me about a fantastic book they're reading or being patient with some of my pigheaded ideas, or comparing school stories with me, they are an example to follow. I learn so much from them. Even though I'm slightly older than they are, I feel like I can't quite keep up - they're always one step ahead of me! The only problem with the twins is that I have two people to answer to when I do something to one of them. For instance, when we were kids we would often swim in a friend's pond with a floating dock. One day I decided to sneak up behind one twin and push her off the dock. I had stupidly forgotten about the other one who in no time at all was pushing me straight in after the first one! So be forewarned...even though most twins look cute, they're feisty, especially mine.

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