Sunday, December 14, 2008

Grand Illumination and Party Bash! Wooohooo!

A week ago today, December 7, my family and the Bulmans went to Williamsburg, VA to see the Grand Illumination fireworks display. This event is free and the fireworks are unbeatably fantastic. It's freezing cold outside after nightfall at Williamsburg, but I prefer this to sweltering 4th of July weather. From left to right in the pic above, we have Isaac and Sam Bulman and my bro Nate.
This freezing cold person, is my dear Aunt Ann, who is quite a character.... a regular nutcase you might say. I love her to death. She's like a second mommy in a lot of ways.

Here is the rest of Aunt Ann's pretty face and also my Uncle Stuart. (They're not actually blood-related, but have known my family since before I was born.) Uncle Stu is like a dad to me - love him a lot too. I've know these wonderful people for forever and still can't ever seem to get enough of them! They love Jesus, and this is evident when you see what how much they seek to serve and care for their friends and family. They have such big hearts for my family. I am blessed to be able to watch them live their lives for Christ and see their exemplary marraige.

This lovely lady is my best friend in the whole, wide world - my Mom. It would take a bizillion blog entry's to describe how amazing she is. I would not have a personal relationship with Jesus like I do and be the kind of person I am without her example. I am thankful she puts up with me and all my issues. Big hugs to you Mom.

This is almost all of us. We're missing the three boys and me (I'm taking the pic of course.) But these smiles are genuine, because for much of the time that's all we did was crack up and laugh.
The Bulmans and Peases always have a blast together! The lady in the middle is Debbie, Uncle Stu's sister. We had lots of fun yacking with her. (Yacking is my way of saying 'talking'). I'll probably post a few more pics of this. I only took half a million.

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Tori Bulman said...

Fun pictures!!! We had such a great time with you guys and can't wait to spend Christmas with the clan!
Merry Christmas.
Hugs and More Hugs :)
P.S. What did you write on my blog that was in spanish...some of us are not all as fancy as you are in this area of language.:) LOL