Friday, March 20, 2009

Who are those Goobers? Oh it's the Bulmans&Peases! No wonder...

The lovely queen Victoria and her loooong, lovely hairdo. These pics are of my sisters and I hangin' with the fun Bulman kids. I used to babysit them and when we get together, things go downhill in the sanity department. Basically, we're nuts. The following pics are proof of this fact. I LOVE MY BULMANS!!!
A smiley Caitlyn, a scrunched up Sam, and a weirded out Bethany. Sam you've got Caitlyn and I hands down for having the best goofy face! LOL!

More weirdness....hee, hee, hee! I love the rosey cheeks on that kiddo!
Me and Sammydoo! (I hope you don't hate that nickname. I'll edit it if needbe. I can always tweak an entry.) are no words.....

Giiirls! What did you do!!!!!!?

My friend Angela and my sisters Candace and Caitlyn had the brilliant idea, so they thought, to ruin my 6 page research paper I've spent 2 weeks working on for my American Lit. class. Our printer is broken at home so I emailed my paper to my friend Angela who printed it out for me on her printer. My sisters were already out so they picked it up for me. While talking with Angela one of them said, "Man, it would be terrible if we dropped this thing outside!" (it was raining). At that moment all three conspirators looked at eachother and giggled!!! Angela quickly fetched a casserole dish and hot cocoa. They proceded to lay my masterpiece in the casserole, soak it with water, and smear it with the cocoa. The result was pretty convincing. They even sprinkled leftover coffee grounds on for the finishing touch. I had asked Angela to slide the paper into a plastic bag to protect it from the rain which she very diligently made sure to do. Thanks for your thoughtfulness Angela! The twins put the plastic bag on my bed. A few hours later I found it and quickly opened it to glance over it and put it in my backpack. Much to my shock and disgust, I found a filthy, brown, curling, damp paper. "GIRRRRLS!" I yelled! "What did you do to my paper!?" They responded with a torrent of loud giggles, "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" They're such stinkers. When they had quit laughing themselves silly, they assured me that there were two copies of the paper and showed me the good copy. I then had to laugh myself. All I have to say now is, "You big goobers!!!"

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Deb Hedges, an extremely talented knitter and crocheter, designed and crocheted the lacey bolero I am wearing. A few weeks ago, my mom spied a pretty little black dress in a clothing store. She thought it might fit me. So she and I went back to the store, and go figure, it fit! (That never happens! It was so fun!) Mom had the idea to put a lacey sweater or jacket with it, so that it could be worn during spring and fall, not just summer. Knowing how experienced Deb is, mom asked her to help come up with a pattern for the jacket. About three weeks ago Deb, Mom and I met to discuss design possiblities and take my measurments. Yesterday, Deb arrived at the yarn store, and told me to get on my black dress. Mom had told me the day before that Deb was coming and to bring the dress. After changing into the dress, I walked over to Deb who told me to close my eyes. Grinning, I closed my eyes. When I opened them I was delightfully surprised at what Deb was holding. WOW! I had known she'd probably do something really cool, but this jacket surpassed all I had imagined. Yeah, let me just say it again, WOW. AND it's MINE!!! Hee, hee! All mine! Thanks Deb!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!! I feel like a princess when I wear it.
The talented Deb and I.
My favorite part was the sleeves. I also loved the special edging Deb did. And Berroco's yarn, called Seduce, felt wonderful to wear - very cool and comfortable, with a flattering drape.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Nate's Cookin' Again! YUMMY!

I still haven't figured out how to get these pictures not to post out of order...Dangit! Anyways, Nate (the bro.) made Irish Soda Bread this week. It was soooo good. He's quite a good cook! This bread was perfect toasted with butter and jam! Mmnmm. The last delicious crumb of my slice of bread before I consumed it!


This bread had the best texture. It was not a light bread, but not heavy either. The taste was mild.

The chef proudly showing off his masterpieces.

They were reeeeeealllllly good!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My 21 year old Sisters Brushing Eachother's Teeth

My identical twin sisters Candace and Caitlyn, or Thing 1 and Thing 2, are nursing students. They have begun clinicals and had to practice brushing and flossing someone's teeth. What better people to practice on than eachother! Here Caitlyn is flossing Candace's teeth.

Candace cracking up.
You can just see me in the background in the mirror snapping this shot.
Here they are in their full nursing garb. I captured a crack up moment. They sound so funny when they laugh.