Sunday, November 23, 2008

How I Pay for Tuition...

This is the longarm quilting machine I work on. I love quilting quilts. The machine itself is about 4 feet long and and frame it is positioned on is about 12 feet long. There are also overhead lights for sewing at night. The motor is very powerful and makes a loud, steady whirring sound. It is quite impressive and tons of fun to work on.

As you can see here I hold onto the handlebars and sew at speed 80. I regulate the length my stitches by how quickly I move my hands. The actual technique I use is called "free-motion quilting." This means that I create with "free motion" the stitched designs on the quilt. I don't use pantographs and the machine is not pre-progammed, I simply design my own. Waaaaay fun! I'll have to post a video sometime.
This kinuv gives you an idea of what it actually looks like to have a quilt in progress.
Step#1: I recieve the quilt top from the customer along with the backing.
Step#2: I pin in the backing and the top to the cream colored canvas fabric which is attached to the black metal bars. The batting (the stuffing in between) is gently draped between the two layers and not pinned in. Every time I complete 2 passes (sewing down the quilt top from left to right) I roll up the part I just quilted and start on the next 2 passes until I'm done.

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