Sunday, November 23, 2008

How I Pay for Tuition Continued...

Free-form feather design up close.
This pic was taken from the backside of the Gammill (that's the brand of long-arm machine I have). It gives you a better view of just how big it is. The machine rests on wheels and the wheels sit within grooves that run all the way down the length of the 12 foot frame. (It's kinuv hard to explain it exactly.)

First Layer: Quilt Top given to me already pieced by the customer.

Second Layer: Batting (it is like a very thin blanket of cotton)

Third Layer: The Backing of the quilt.

My Job: Sandwich all three layers with my free motion stitching. You can see here that I used my "freeform feather" design on this quilt.
Sometimes I put both hands on the handlebars, but most of the time just one. This way my other hand is free to smooth out unruly puckers and deal with other issues.

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Tori Bulman said...

Wow!! I've nevr seen your machine before!! What a cool TOY!!!!!!