Friday, March 20, 2009

Who are those Goobers? Oh it's the Bulmans&Peases! No wonder...

The lovely queen Victoria and her loooong, lovely hairdo. These pics are of my sisters and I hangin' with the fun Bulman kids. I used to babysit them and when we get together, things go downhill in the sanity department. Basically, we're nuts. The following pics are proof of this fact. I LOVE MY BULMANS!!!
A smiley Caitlyn, a scrunched up Sam, and a weirded out Bethany. Sam you've got Caitlyn and I hands down for having the best goofy face! LOL!

More weirdness....hee, hee, hee! I love the rosey cheeks on that kiddo!
Me and Sammydoo! (I hope you don't hate that nickname. I'll edit it if needbe. I can always tweak an entry.) are no words.....


Tori said...

You are total craziness Bethany!!!
Still can't believe that you put that picture of me on their.......i'm going to have to get back to you for that.... :P
Well what are friends do silly things with one another.
Love you Girls!!!
I'm so gald we've been friends for these past 17 years!!!!!

Tori said...

Hey Betharoo!
In answer to your only Dottie is coming out. We'll definitely have to do something together while she is here!
FYI- you were so cute on Sunday! I loved your outfit and hair doo!
Love yah,

P.S. I still can't believe you posted that picture of me! :P

TEDDY BEAR said...

isaac looks pretty funny allright!!!
tell everybody i said hi