Sunday, March 15, 2009


Deb Hedges, an extremely talented knitter and crocheter, designed and crocheted the lacey bolero I am wearing. A few weeks ago, my mom spied a pretty little black dress in a clothing store. She thought it might fit me. So she and I went back to the store, and go figure, it fit! (That never happens! It was so fun!) Mom had the idea to put a lacey sweater or jacket with it, so that it could be worn during spring and fall, not just summer. Knowing how experienced Deb is, mom asked her to help come up with a pattern for the jacket. About three weeks ago Deb, Mom and I met to discuss design possiblities and take my measurments. Yesterday, Deb arrived at the yarn store, and told me to get on my black dress. Mom had told me the day before that Deb was coming and to bring the dress. After changing into the dress, I walked over to Deb who told me to close my eyes. Grinning, I closed my eyes. When I opened them I was delightfully surprised at what Deb was holding. WOW! I had known she'd probably do something really cool, but this jacket surpassed all I had imagined. Yeah, let me just say it again, WOW. AND it's MINE!!! Hee, hee! All mine! Thanks Deb!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!! I feel like a princess when I wear it.
The talented Deb and I.
My favorite part was the sleeves. I also loved the special edging Deb did. And Berroco's yarn, called Seduce, felt wonderful to wear - very cool and comfortable, with a flattering drape.

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Abigail said...

Ooooo! G-g-g-gorgeous!