Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TEA = taxed enough already !!! Patriotic Genius!!!

Nationwide there has been a grassroots movement taking place in towns large and small. Americans are coming out to unite together in peaceful protest of mainly over-taxation and other current government issues, like pork spending. When I attended the rally in my hometown I was thrilled to see I was one of several hundred people. There was also a variety in ages and professions. Babies, children, teenagers, middle aged adults, veterans, businessmen, local politicians, salesmen, craftsman, rednecks, entire families...the list goes on...attended. The point is that there was a diverse cross-section of our American culture. Everyone was excited and laughing. There were several great speakers, several prayers lifted, and time for the national anthem and a salute to the flag. Many, many cars drove by honking their approval. People lined the side walk in droves as they wooped and hollered in response to the car horns. One mom had her mini van doors wide open with her kids hanging out waving flags while she honked all the while. These Tea Parties (inspired by the original one in boston in the 1700's) do not consist of pathetic little pockets of ragtag Americans protesting here and there. These events are BIG! They are sending a loud message to Washington. The voice of America will be heard! They are gaining in momentum and size, as more and more Americans get involved. I would guess that the event I attended had anywhere from 6oo to 800 people involved. There was no foaming at the mouth or violent protesting as the mainstream media would have its audience believe, just peaceful, but passionate protesting. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I would encourage you to attend the next one in your state capitol or town! Google it!!!
My patriotic doo!
The sidewalk crowd.
It was body to body during the speeches and I wish I had a pic taken from a treetop, b/c this pic only shows about 1/20 of the people who were there.
See!!!? Our peaceful protestors are only armed with tea! Giving it away for free as a matter of fact!
Little girl who came with her whole family.
Elvis was reincarnated just for this event!!! He was lookin' hot!
Me to the left with some friends: Gina, Jordan, and Nick on the end.
I love this dude's poster: "It's an Obamination!" LOL!

The local radio host even showed up!

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