Friday, April 24, 2009

Let's Play Ball!!! More of My Mexico Trip...

Here's a few snapshots of the fun we had at camp! I have to say I'm very team was the cutest! I had ages 5-8! So sweet!

Group shot. (L to R) Coach Nathan Akin, Skill Instructor Stephen, and Interpreter: Moi
Say "Hi" everybody!

Go Valentine!

The lovely little Miss Sinay (pronounced Sin - ah) I just wanted to squeeze her up everytime I saw her!

Perla was very athletic. She did great. And Sinay is in the background. cute! He struggled with keeping up, seemed a little delayed in his responses, but had a good time for the most part. He was very sweet.

I couldn't believe this when I saw him! The kid on the right looks just like a friend of mine...Sam Bulman. You can see pics of him in previous posts. I swear this is Sam's long lost twin!

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Anonymous said...

I think the kid on the right (Bryan - he was on my team!) looks just like my cousin's crazy!